Paul 'Biffa Bacon' Glancey
The following information is borrowed from the December 1988 issue of ZZAP! 64
© ZZAP! 64 Ltd / Newsfield 1988

Kid Pic Name: Paul Christopher Glancey
Born: Yes, funnily enough, on May 12th 1969
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Wild horses couldn't drag that out of me... but an enraged editor could... 7st precisely
When in doubt, bounce! - Fool.
  1. Dungeon Master (on the ST): 'Totally captivating and the implementation of every single feature is just perfect'
  2. 16-bit Elite: 'The blend of arcade and strategy action is flawless. I think so, anyway'
  3. Starglider 2 (on the Amiga): 'The game I always wanted to design (almost)'
  4. Wizball: '16-bit conversions of this brilliantly original and addictive game don't come close to the playability of the 64 version'
  5. Road Blasters (in the arcades): 'Brilliant - I once played it for four hours on a wet day in Whitley Bay'
'Bacon sandwiches with a mug of tea (brown sauce optional) - the prefect meal. McCoy's crisps (beef flavour) - can I have a boxful please KP? Turkish Delight - I just wish Fry's would make the bars a little bigger.'
Favourite Person
'Anyone who's ever made me laugh.'
Favourite Comedian
Woody Allen: 'He's just the funniest person on the face of this planet.'
Severe Dislikes
'Lager Lads, Beer Boys and Loud Crowds, sizest comments, faggots and graby, nuts of any kind and fish. Being barely able to hear the person on the other end of an important telephone call, That's My Dog and Love Me, Love Me not - it's debatable which of these quiz games is the more thoroughly banal.'
Most Embarrassing Moment
'Too many to list.'
What I would be if I wasn't a reviewer
'A lot better off psychologically.'
Favourite Fish
'Hate them all - you can tell from the look in their eyes that they're just asking for trouble.'

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