Matthew 'dangerous' Evans
The following information is borrowed from the December 1988 issue of ZZAP! 64
© ZZAP! 64 Ltd / Newsfield 1988

Baby Pic Name: Matthew ('Maff') Paul Evans
Born: Early in the morning of 12 December, 1968
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 10 stones - give or take a couple of pounds
Just watchit, okay?.
  1. Starglider 2 (Amiga): 'Visually increadible, highly playable and... and... well, it's just better than anything else I've seen ever'
  2. Marble Madness (arcade): 'A totally mental experience - I wonder what happened to all the old machines?'
  3. Wizball (64): 'Dead strange, dead original and dead good ('nuff said?')'
  4. Shoot 'em up Construction Kit: 'Lets my imagination run wild(ish)... where's the Amiga version?'
  5. StarRay (Amiga): 'STARRAY... GO! Well, you had to be there'
'Chilli con carne - with loads of hot toast YUM
Curry - any sort except prawns (eeeeergh!)
Bacon Butties - with brown sauce. Just the thing to keep you going through the day
Wimpy Half-Pounders - just big enough (hur! hur!)
Scotch Eggs - really nice things and they go great with chips'
Favourite Person
'Adrian Sherwood - the greatest producer this side of that side (eh?). The man responsible for a lot of my favourite records.'
Favourite Comedian
Robin Williams: 'He's just the funniest person on the face of this planet.'
Severe Dislikes
'Stock, Aitken and Waterman - create such awful records that they should be shot
Maggie Thatcher - Atilla the Hun in drag
Banal comedy shows - Terry and June and that sort of thing
Snakes - yeeeeeergh! Horrible, horrible things!'
Most Embarrassing Moment
'Waking up one morning with a hangover and being told by my friends what I'd done the night before. I prayed that they were lying!'
What I would be if I wasn't a reviewer
'Unable to act as mental as I do and get away as it (not to mention get paid for it).'
Favourite Fish
'Half past six... aaaargh!'

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