Kati 'cuckoo' Hamza
The following information is borrowed from the December 1988 issue of ZZAP! 64
© ZZAP! 64 Ltd / Newsfield 1988

Cute Baby Pic Name: Katharina Samara Gamal Hamza
Born: 26-04-65 (Honest)
Height: A bit taller than Gordon (measured with a extra long ruler)
Weight: Not a lot
Let the good times roll!.
  1. Tetris: 'More addictive than a game of darts'
  2. Jinxter: 'Best adventure ever - yet'
  3. Jim Attack: 'Cute and cuddly - just like me'
  4. Drop Zone: 'Beat them pods down into the ground'
  5. Buggy Boy: 'A lot cooler than your average racing game - and froody too'
'Spaghetti, all kinds of pasta, nothing with meat in it, peaches, apples, cheesecake, strawberries, fudge cake, candy floss and Mississippi Mud Pie.'
Favourite Person
'Judith Chalmers... no - actually... my mum.'
Favourite Comedian
Steve Wright: 'The office pet.'
Severe Dislikes
'Bastards, racists, chauvinists, luke-warm milk, mould, smelly toilets, nuclear power, meat, worms, slugs, flying and Margaret Thatcher.'
Most Embarrassing Moment
What I would be if I wasn't a reviewer
'A tomato.'
Favourite Fish
Prawns: 'They remind me of Paul.'

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