Gordon 'lumpfish' Houghton
The following information is borrowed from the December 1988 issue of ZZAP! 64
© ZZAP! 64 Ltd / Newsfield 1988

Baby Pic Name: Gordon Leslie Houghton
Born: 15-11-65 (Monday)
Height: 5' 7" and a bit extra (with my platforms on)
Weight: 8,000,000st. No - only kidding: it's really 83st 4lb.
  1. The Sentinel: 'It's got the best atmosphere of any game I've ever played'
  2. Spindizzy: 'Simply brilliant'
  3. Dropzone: 'Shoot 'em ups don't come more addictive than this'
  4. Hunter's Moon: 'It's almost the perfect concept for a game, and is the definitive alternative shoot 'em up'
  5. Dungeon Master (ST): 'Big and bouncy'
'Pizzas are fab, and so is cheese fondue. I'd probably swim t'Channel wi' 'ands tied up and grett big weights on t'foooot for some chocolate.'
Favourite Person
'If it was a toss up between Jim Bowen, Tarby and Morrissey, I'd have to go for John Noakes.'
Favourite Comedian
Steve Wright: 'he's hatstand.'
Severe Dislikes
'Insects, soft Hula Hoops, dead sheep with bloated stomachs, smelly socks, vomit behind fridges, urine stains, Terry Scott, crusty scabs, old fish, getting up in the morning, luncheonmeat, onions, contagious diseases.'
Most Embarrassing Moment
What I would be if I wasn't a reviewer
'Unemployed, happy, dead, free, a man called Dennis, a eliphunt, older, a teapot.'

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