10 things you didn't know about Paul Glancey
The following information is borrowed from the September 1988 issue of ZZAP! 64
© ZZAP! 64 Ltd / Newsfield 1988

Yes! We're talking everybody's favourite cuddly take-home Geordie. But did you know that he once walked on his hands for John o' Groats to Land's End balancing six crates of Newcastle Brown on his feet? No? Well, that's probably because it's not true. However, the 10 facts below are ALL genuine - so if you want to look inside this mysterious Northern lad and get to know him like his own mother, read on...

  • Paul was born in a canoe in Lake Michigan on 12 May 1976.
  • He works out every day to Jane Fonda, and is an avid follower of Sylvester Stallone. However, he's been seen hiring out the video of The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews!!
  • Not many people know that he is a closet hippy, and keeps his flares folded neatly away in a bottom drawer. His taste in psychedelic 'kipper' ties and wedges was discovered during a recently heavy drinking session.
  • Paul has never been to America,
  • But his brother has.
  • Approximately three years ago, he was the prototype design for the 'Mr Hardy Stay Firm' arousal device.
  • ZZAP!'s Mr Tips wears high heels to reach the top shelf in the local video store.
  • Paul used to own a pet dog, whom he affectionately called 'Banana'. Sadly, it ran away - put Paul still treasures a photo of his lost friend by his bedside.
  • Because of Paul's unstable temper, his doctor has advised him to steer clear of all additives - if he eats a single processed peanut, he batters an Amiga to death.
  • Paul is something of a tap dancing expert; not only this, but he's an avid follower of BBC1's Come Dancing and regularly boasts of nights on the town with Brycreemed hair and E-la-stik suits.