Nick Abbot Jingles

A few of Nick's old Virgin jingles can be downloaded here. These were made by fans of his show. After someone came up with the idea of singing a song about Nick's shows down the phone to him the jingles started flooding in from all across the country. They became more and more professional sounding too.

Scroll down and you'll also find a few jingles from Nick's Talk Radio shows.

You'll need an MP3 player for the samples below. Please note: An ISDN line or a lot of patience is recommended for downloading this lot. =o)

["When I switch on my radio, well I just tell the world where to go"] (0.69MB)
["Nicky Boy's on every night, and everything he says is right"] (0.45MB)
["Nick, Nick, don't you know you've got the best show on the radio"] (0.39MB)
["Nick Abbot on Virgin 1215, a man that's heard but never seen"] (1.97MB)
["Nasty Nick, from 10 'til 2, is takin' calls from me and you"] (2.15MB)
["Nick, Nick, you got a big... audience on Virgin 1215"] (1.17MB)
["Nick Abbot is on the case... Uncle Nicky, 10 'til 2"] (0.32MB)
["Just about the scariest thing I've ever seen, it's Nick Abbot on 1215"] (0.58MB)
["Hello, hello, is there anybody out there? Ring now if you can hear us"] (2.99MB)
["This is Virgin Radio, Nick Abbot's on the telephone"] (1.19MB)
["Nothing to do and no where to go, tune in to the Nick Abbot show"] (1.60MB)
["He's so cool it makes us sick"] (0.48MB)
["I listen to Nick almost every night, his jokes are quick"] (0.59MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 1] (0.73MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 2] (0.51MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 3] (0.39MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 4] (0.37MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 5] (0.49MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 6] (0.49MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 7] (0.45MB)
[Nick Abbot Talk Radio Jingle 8] (0.48MB)
[Kev's "This is the End" Nick Abbot Jingle] (1.07MB)