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Nick gives the middle finger salute to Virgin

Nick back on Saturday nights
Starting 7th March 2009 Nick Abbot will be back in his old slot - 10pm-1am every Saturday - on LBC 97.3. Petrie Hosken will take over the weekday show with business analysis and special guests. Nick originally moved to a weekday slot in November 2007 when Iain Lee left LBC.

End of the Planet Rock shows
Nick's last Planet Rock show was on 21st September 2008. Nick had been with Planet Rock since 2005. His weekday shows at LBC (Mon-Fri, 7:15-10:00pm) will continue.

Another slight schedule change
Due to the Nightly News being cut from 30 to 15 minutes the weekday LBC show will now be starting at the earlier time of 7:15pm and ending at the usual time of 10:00pm.

Slight schedule change for 2008
Nick Abbot's weekday LBC show will be half an hour shorter from 14th January, starting at the later time of 7:30pm and ending at the usual time of 10:00pm.

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