Nick Abbot
Virgin 1215 - Sound Clips from Nick Abbot Shows - 1994

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Clips from Nick's late night phone-in on Virgin 1215 in 1994.
Real Audio files on our W2-S server:
[Jingle Talk (03m:49s)] [Nick's First Jingle (00m:54s)]
[A Girl from Laaandon (02m:18s)] [A Call about Neil Rogers (05m:53s)]
[The Cost of Parking (02m:24s)] [Sex and Sizes (01m:35s)]
[An Annoying, yet funny Kid (03m:21s)] [Baker Boy goes Nuts on Air (04m:10s)]
[Libyan Revolution TV (02m:19s)] [Nick's Face Paralysis (02m:46s)]
[Oh No, Not You Again?! (05m:02s)] [A Caller who Hates Nick? (02m:50s)]
[RockSat pt1 - Split Second Timing (05m:05s)] [RockSat pt2 (03m:22s)]
[RockSat pt3 (00m:59s)] [Freaky Caller with Cat Scabs (02m:04s)]
[Boarding School Girls (05m:44s)] [That School gets Named (01m:28s)]
[International Callers (01m:31s)]
Real Audio files on our Demon server:
[Bollocks & Mad Baker Boy (01m:58s)] [Chronic Eastenders Tune (01m:48s)]
[Made Up Funny News?! (01m:29s)] [Part 2 of the Funny News (01m:48s)]
[Computer Screws Up Again (00m:59s)] [Doing Virgin Jingles on air! (03m:11s)]
[Muppets on the News (00m:36s)] [The Nick Normal Show (00m:54s)]
[No Delay!!! (00m:48s)] [Nick is Back (04m:49s)]
[The Covergirl Ad (00m:43s)] [Weird Calls to Directory Enq (06m:38s)]
[Upset Mad Baker Boy (04m:13s)] [Your Local Station (00m:31s)]
[Virgin Satellite Stereo (01m:43s)] [Look in Your Parent's Drawers (04m:13s)]


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