Nick Abbot
Talk Radio - Sound Clips from Nick Abbot Shows - 1997/98

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Clips from Nick's old weekend shows on Talk Radio in 97/98
Real Audio files on our W2-S server:
[French Wine (00m:45s)] [Mobile Phones & Cows (00m:31s)]
[Late Night German TV (01m:12s)] [A "Poor" Student (03m:12s)]
[Nick Will Never Win (01m:52s)] [Nick's Mike Allen Jingle (00m:09s)]
[Blimey, Another Child (02m:01s)] [Another Freaky Caller (02m:19s)]
[Oh No, it's Timo (04m:27s)] [I Sent Nick a Video (00m:17s)]
[The Mailing List (03m:01s)] [Uncle Sean & Robbie (01m:19s)]
Real Audio files on our Demon server:
[The Internet is Rubbish (03m:49s)]


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