Nick Abbot
Talk Radio - The 21.6.97 Show with Nick Abbot and Carol McGiffin

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In the show Carol wants to talk about gay monkeys (but doesn't) and bad smells, Nick reads out criticisms from his dad, puts 50p in the pot every time he's rude to Carol, and generally both have a laugh with the listeners. This episode also includes a very long lightning round. Classic stuff.

The Whole 21st June 1997 Show
Real Audio files on our W2-S server for download:
[Nick & Carol - Part 1 - 46mins - 2.91MB]
[Nick & Carol - Part 2 - 46mins - 2.92MB]
[Nick & Carol - Part 3 - 45mins - 2.84MB]
[Nick & Carol - Part 4 - 46mins - 2.93MB]
[Nick & Carol - Part 5 - 39mins - 2.45MB]


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